Sunday, December 09, 2012

Run run run

Last weekend hubby participated in a 30km cross country running. He was very courageous as the weather was freezing and it was raining at the beginning of the race. We formed a team with Aelig and several of his friends to cheer him up.
I taught Aelig the word "加油", literally means "add oil" in Chinese to support her daddy. So throughout the race we were shouting "加油", "allez allez" (go on in French).

We waited at different locations for hubby and once he passed, we moved to the next spot waiting for him. Photo shows Aelig cheering for her daddy.

I don't remember how many stops we waited to cheer him, but removing and attaching Aelig to the car seat was quite painful, luckily I was not alone and our friend did most of the job. Photo shows Aelig running towards her dad but hubby avoided her as he wanted to continue the race/pace.

Arriving at the finish line. Welcome by his daughter.

So proud of him.

See all the muds stuck to his shoes. The organizers prepared some water pipes for the runners to wash up their shoes.

Thanks to everyone who sacrificed their Sunday morning and helped motivate hubby to arrive at the finish line. Hubby said that seeing us cheering for him had boosted his spirit and encouraged him enormously. Due to the weather condition and the distance, there were not many people / villagers coming out to cheer up the runners.

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