Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter holiday - The separation

Aelig is on winter school holidays, so we sent her to her grandparents.

Some kids are excited about going away, but not Aelig.

So, we try to prepare the separation.

A week before the vacation, we told her that she is going to the see her grandparents.
"With papa & maman", she replied.

The day before the departure, we joyfully said that we were going to her grandparents' house.
"With papa & maman", she had the same reply.

We were having dinner with my parents in laws. I told her that she will be seeing her greatgrandma and her uncle Benjy.
Her: "With papa & maman."
Me: "We can't go, we will have to work."
Her: "I want to go to work too."
Me: "Well, my boss will not be happy if you come with me."
Her: "I want to stay at home".
Me: "But nobody will cook for you when you are hungry."
Her in crying tone: "I want to go to work with you...".
Poor girl.

We were waiting for my in laws to come home before heading back.
Seeing that we were not leaving yet, she started chatting with me.
Her: "Maman, you don't have to go to work, yeah!!!"
Me: "No, we will have to work tomorrow."
We were still not leaving, it raised her hope.
Her: "Yeah, you guys don't have to go to work tomorrow."
Me: "We will have to go once your grandparents come home".
Her: "Then I want to go to work."
Me: "Kids do not work, they go to school, and you are on holidays".
At this point, my in laws came back, time to leave.
Me: "See, your grandparents are back!"
She started crying, as she remembered that we would go when her grandparents come back.
Hubby hugged her and promised her that he would call her every evening.
She then hugged me tightly and kept asking me to come pick her soon.
Still crying, she reluctantly let her grandma hold her, and then we waved goodbye.

Now our dilemma is whether we should go see her this weekend and repeat the separation scene as she would still be on holidays next week.

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