Friday, March 08, 2013

The sacrosanct weekends

Case 1
We were driving home without our daughter, so we thought of eating out.
Problem: It was a Sunday evening, most restaurants were closed
Result: KFC fried chicken for me and Subway sandwich for hubby, ironically in this gastronomic heaven.

Case 2
We got two gift cards from Christmas for 2.5 hours of massage + spa session.
Action: Called the massage center for an appointment on a Saturday when our daughter was not with us
Result: Plan abandoned as the massage center closes on Weekends. We would have to leave at 4pm on a weekday as it closes at 7pm. Or take a half day off.

Ok I admit that I should have known that most restaurants in Nantes do not open on Sunday, but why fast food chains are exempted from this then? There were tons of teenagers there...

And, a massage center that does not operate on Saturday, I wonder how they survive.

1 comment:

  1. A massage parlour that's not open at weekend when one needs the downtime most is just plain silly. I could understand Sunday closure but both days at weekends? Clearly missing some good business sense...