Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Going to school with a snail

The school is teaching about Autumn so they asked the students to bring something related to this theme. It also mentioned that if during a walk you find a snail, bring it to school!

So, this poor snail was spotted and taken home by the father and daughter. I gave them an empty cheese box to create a warm home for it. Even though it has holes on the cover, I still left a tiny space between the cover and the bottom part just in case. Guess what? The snail went missing the second morning. However, it didn't escape its fate as it was spotted again and placed in the box. And now it is sitting inside a small aquarium, being shown to the kids with a bunch of its mates.

Personally I would have preferred to bring leaves or a book about Autumn to school then a living animal. I believe every animal has the right to live in harmony with everyone else and not being disturbed. I always tell Aelig to leave those flowers alone so that they could be with their "family members" instead of going to some stranger's home and die.

In case someone is curious, we do not eat snail at home.

Poor thing, I hope the school teaches the kids to not "abuse" the snails in their class.


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Oh so French... he is already paired with some camembert cheese! :-D

  2. Does Aelig dare to pick up the snail?

    1. Yes, she has no problem picking up snail, worm...