Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Three Malaysians in Paris

I had a friend coming to visit from Malaysia. We met in Paris, and a friend who knows Paris very well was touring us around. When three Malaysians get together, we have to talk about food. And when this friend asked if I was craving for Nasi Lemak, I hesitated. I could jump into any Malaysian food anytime since there is no Malaysian restaurant in my city, but I have to think about my friend who came all the way from Malaysia and could have authentic Malaysian food once she goes back. Anyway, thing sorted out as she just had a week dose of French cuisine and she was happy to try something else. So Malaysian food it is!

We chose three menu with the same appetizer and three different dishes (so we can share among us). The appetizer was delicious with freshly prepared curry puff, spring roll and mixed vegetables (taste similar to Lou Sang).

One of the main dishes : Nasi Lemak. The rice didn't have much coconut taste, I think they have to tailor to their French customers. I would give it 7 points out of 10 points, -1 point for the rice, -2 points for the sambal : once again it lacked the coconut milk, but the rendang chicken did taste heavenly.

The second main dish: curry laksa. The verdict : very authentic and scrumptious. The spiciness was just right at my taste. The ingredients were fresh.

I forgot to take photo of our third dish : Chicken satay. I was disappointed though. It didn't have the thick peanut sauce to go with, and it didn't come with a stick. It would probably suit the local better.

Dessert : corn and pandan steam cake.

Anyway, for 19€ per person, it served my craving well. Thanks to my friend who brought us there, and thanks to the other friend who didn't mind spending almost RM100 for these. With this price, I guess she could have gotten 10 bowls of curry laksa or 10 plates of Nasi Lemak in Malaysia.

Restaraunt Langkawi Paris

Note : It is a tiny restaurant with 17 seats. It was opened 6 months ago. You could call them in advise to prepare certain Malaysian foods that are not in their current menu.


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hell, now I am craving Nasi Lemak! I loved this dish in Malaysia. The food was pretty awesome there.

    I have never seen Malaysian food in France... even in Ottawa, I can't think of a Malaysian place even though you may find a couple of specialties in a Chinese restaurant.

  2. Funny how people have their habits, Asians need their rice fix, I don't blame your friends for craving their food, even abroad. In Ottawa, I saw a bus full of Koreans who were visiting Canada, and the food was already on the table when they arrived at the Korean restaurant. Must be an all-inclusive Tour.

  3. Yes, your friend is so nice to accompany you to eat Malaysian food and so nice of you to go to Paris to meet her. Good to know that the restaurant in Paris serves authentic Malaysia food.

  4. Thanks again Bee Ean for sharing this bit of infomation regarding this Malaysian Restaurant, it`s very usefull for me now as we are currently back in Paris and so this place is just perfect for me when I need my nasi lemak fix :) Merci! :)