Friday, February 09, 2007

Hari ke-14: Preparing the red envelope (ang pao)

Preparing the red envelope (envelope stuff with money) is an art. You need to know how much to give to people by the level: close family, distance family, friends, neighbores. Then you need to remember the envelopes: Which one has how much inside. Some people distribute to everyboy who say "kong xi fa chai" (happy new year) to them, so just give to close family. Then, if someone offers your kid certain amount, you need to give back to their kids equal or more.

Today's task was to figure out who need to get the angpao. The wedding car driver, the others driver who will fetch the bridesmaids, the woman who accompanies the groom to fetch the bride, the people who are designated to open the wedding car door, the bridesmaids, the cameramen, and then during the tea ceremony. It must be fun for the French to distribute out the angpao and receive the angpaos.

Tonight went out for gathering with highschool friends. We have upgraded the meeting place, from mamak store consuming RM3 to a highend restaurant consuming RM20.

And my French family are on the way to Malaysia.

My busy days will begin soon.

Breakfast & Lunch: Curry chicken
Dinner: Korean mee

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