Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hari ke-16: Visited Melaka

We left at 6.15am and had roti canai as our breakfast. We arrived in Melaka around 9am. It was a good idea to leave early, as the weather was still nice in the morning. Our first stop was the red house, then the St'Paul church. Some of the French were interested in looking at the architechure and history, so we spent more time in these two places.

We had the famous chicken ball rice as lunch. I don't think they liked it that much. It must be hard to have to eat something so different for them for every meals.

In the afternoon it was so hot. We went to the Sam Pao Temple and Hang Li Poh well. We continued our journey to A Farmosi for the safari, but it costs RM38 for me and RM62 for foreigners. They felt that it's too expensive so we left.

The highlight today was that they tried durian. It would be fun to see their face expression when they had the durian in the mouth. The result? I had to eat most of the durian.

At night my neighbore treated us the bah kut teh. We wanted to visit the Indian street, but the French were stucked in the first Indian shop and spent around 2 hours choosing clothes and buying stuffs. It seems that they are more interested in shopping then visiting. :-)

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