Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hari ke-7: Dealing with the government agencies

I went to the marriage services office again, and this time she finally accepted the translation made in France. I don't know why she was so strict last time, this time she was easy with me, even agree to process our registration everyday after 3pm, not what she initially said only on Thursday. Anyway, that just made my day! No more hassle between embassies to ask for endorsement.

In the afternoon we went to the transportation department to declare that I have lost my license. I need one more so that I can surround the old one to the French prefecture in exchange of a French driver license. It was full of people and I was really scared when people were pushing each other.

The newspaper talked about that in Malaysia, we can process our passport within a day. Why does France take at least 2 weeks to issue a passport? My sisters were shaking their head, couldn't believe that a first world country will lose to a third world country, as we complaint all the times that our government services are so slow that we will never catch up with the first world countries. We didn't realise that in certain areas we are more efficient.

Breakfast: Dry wantan mee

Lunch: Fried noodles
Dinner: Vegetarian porriage (it's the 15th of lunar calendar so my parents eat only vegetarian foods).

Fruits between meals: Durian, rambutan, jambu air


  1. Ooo, durians. I really miss that. Enjoy the food!

  2. My husband hates it!

  3. Same with mine. He won't go within 1 km of durians!