Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hari ke-17: Wedding photo session

We managed to have the marriage registration done in the morning. The photo session begun around 12pm, after 1 hour of makeup. We had 1 wedding gown, 1 night gown and 5 traditional costumes. The family managed to come to see the shooting for the last traditional gown. We selected 21 photos out of 91 that were taken. It wasn't as tiresome as I thought, but I was quite disappointed with the outcome of the photos.

The family went for the massage and each of them really enjoyed it. They spent 2 hours 30 minutes doing massage, body scrupt and facial. My sister had them tried Leong Tao Fu and she felt that they don't really like it.

During the night, we visited the Chinese new year market in Klang town center. The French were given the status as VIP, as the organisers offered them some Carlsberg and first row seat for the concert.


  1. How you survive all these, I truly take my hat off you !!!!!!!!!
    When are u going to post some pictures ?

  2. We didn't get the softcopy as we think that it's too expensive.