Friday, August 03, 2007

Annoying tax return!

I posted sometimes ago that I needed to declare my tax return (required by bank to apply for the housing loan) even though I was not working thus not earning a single cent. We went to the tax office but the woman who received us was firmed that I have no right to fill a return since I was a foreign student. When I got to the other tax office for the declaration, I was told that since I was married in 2006, I needed to do one pre-wedding and one post wedding declaration.

Soon after that declaration, I received a letter from the the same woman, who remembered me and repeated that I have no right to fill a tax return pre-weddng due to my foreign status.

Today, I received a letter marked urgent, telling me that they couldn't find my pre-wedding return so I need to do it as soon as possible.

What the hell? One told me not to and threw away my pre-wedding declaration, now the other tell me to do it bcos I didn't do it? Well these two people should meet and agree among themselves.


  1. Tax is always about documentation, Bee. Keep all their letters. If they didn't send you letters, send THEM a letter thanking them for their time spent explaining to you what they said to you so that the understanding is documented. That way, they can't keep going to and fro with you.

    Looks like the Malaysian tax authorities aren't the only bullies. :P

  2. yes, I kept all their letters, just in case one day they accuse of something. haha. France is just like Malaysian in terms of bureaucracy and government administrative.

  3. BeeEan,
    Hope you will get things sorted out soon. I know how you feel. Frustrated and confused sometime - not sure what to do.

  4. So Malaysian tax authorities are not the only one who provides "this type of service" ;o)

  5. The French is definitely famous for it's bad services from their civil servants, but sometimes you do find some very nice person and efficient work there. For your information, to be a civil servant in France, you need to pass through a very tough examination, many people failed and retake.