Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

While in the last two countries I lived in, Malaysia and USA, summer just came and went and I didn't even notice it as life just went on as usual.

Here in France, I feel like everyone everywhere is shouting: It's vacation time!
The symptoms:

1. When the library open only half day, and sometime you want to hit yourself knowing that you have to return the books and the library closes for 3 days consecutively during the week (It doesn't open on Monday, since Wednesday is a holiday they decided to close on Tuesday too).
2. When your favorite bakery announces that they are closed for the entire August.
3. When you try to see your doctor and she wasn't there.
4. When the pharmacy you frequent close for vacation.
5. When you miss a bus you have to wait for 20 minutes for the second one instead of 5 minutes
6. When you see only half the sellers turn up for the weekly market
7. When everybody is talking about going to the beach
8. When everybody asks you where you are going for vacation
9. When you see less dog poos on the pedestrian walk (yeah the dogs also go for vacation!)
10. When you see less people working in the governmental agencies

So, I'm eager to go on vacation now. But where?

Sunbathing? Not my cup of tea.

Visit grandmothers? Will see them in the wedding soon.

Then I look at the banner photo in my blog. Yes I love scenery. I had such a great time in the Alps mountain last time. So here is where I'm going! Specifically included in the itinerary for my family trip. Any guesses where is this?


  1. mana nu nak pergi for vacation gal? Wow.. thats one of the GOOD reasons to stay in Europe! You get to see many many nice scenery! Good for you Bee! Don't forget to show us the pictures ya!

  2. What a nice scenery!
    I like the blue sky and blue water lake. Perfect picture. Hope you will have a good time.

  3. Americans work too hard :).
    We go to school on summer A, summer B or all summer.

    While living in Australia, we only had 1 late night shopping , that's Thursday night, shops opened till 9pm and on Saturday, shops opened till 1pm.

    I remembered the first week while working in K.L, I bought a lot of my groceries during lunch times and one day one of my girlfriends asked me "Jamy why are you buying so much things during lunch time, don't you shop in the evening ?".

    I thought to myself, I must be really 'bodoh' , forgot shops closed late in K.L :).

    When I first visited my husband then boyfriend, I noticed also shops closed pretty late. Then when I relocated here, I noticed a lot of shops open 7x24 ! There is a major US highway run through our housing area, there are Wal-mart , Albertson which open 7x24 and not mention Lowes, Home Depot etc which are also along the highway.

    Living in US makes me less homesick as far as Asian shopping lifestyle is concerned :):).

    But I do miss some of the Australian's lay back lifestyle like our beach culture for those of us who live in Sydney will know what I meant :):).

    A few of my kuching friends had homes along Maroba beach, Bondi, Bonte, Laparouse beach, Rose bay, Mainley beach. It is a sin not to go to the beach on weekend :). Those were the days :):).


  4. one can only dream of such hols... nice sceneries....

    so holiday is like a national event in france? i wonderif malaysia will ever reach such level. all we wanna do is to make money and work work work work...

  5. Any points for guessing ah? Switzerland! It looks so familiar.

  6. Kitman,
    I'm glad I did the research for this family trip. My sisters said that Switzerland is well known to be beautiful, but I don't know how beautiful until I found these photos.

    cat cat,
    Yes, they are gifted to have lake and mountain and green all together in one perfect picture.

    You are right, I didn't have problem living the Asian style in US. In France is really different, there's so much "you can not" in your daily life.

    When Malaysians earn enough/wealthy enough one day, they might want to fight for mandatory vacations. Yes, in France, according to hubby, everybody is mandatory to take vacations in summer, unless it's the first year you start working, then you have no vacation. Everybody has 5 weeks ++ vacation yearly.


    You guessed it right. Now you need to tell me which part of Switzerland is this?

  7. BE,
    The lake pic reminds me of Lucent.

  8. Jamy,

    I don't know exactly where is this, but the photo was taken when taking the goldenpass express from Lucerne to Montreux.

  9. dont think i will live to see that day ... not here.

  10. Anonymous4:34 PM

    mst go there 1 day....... *start saving money*

    er..but the 2nd pic looks like a tea plantation we can find in msia :P