Thursday, August 02, 2007

I suck at parking!

These days hubby couldn't drive so I have to take up this responsibility. I have seen built up some confidence in driving, but I really suck when come to parking.

We live in an area with parallel parking, worst, uphill. Well, we have a private garage but have to do reverse in so I don't even dare to try. So today after going out to get some grocery, I came back and found out that the only spot left was the uphill parallel parking between two cars. I tried, and got stuck in the middle. The back of the car was still outside the line.

What did I do? Called hubby. Poor guy had to come down to rescue this stupid woman. Under his instructions then only I managed to park, during the process blocked 3 cars behind.

So are you guys good in parallel parking?


  1. BeeEan,
    Ever since I moved to USA, I never had to do parallel parking. Most of the parking lot here are straight in but we do find some parallel here and I do not have any problem at all.

  2. I will definitely make you feel better Bee, haha! I CANT drive at all and dont even talk about parallel parking! but i have my license though!haha... Practise make perfect gal, you just need to do more!

  3. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I know parking in France is bad. Small and limited space for parking.

    That is why it is good to drive in Malaysia..hehe

  4. I never had to parallel park in the US, but since buying my car 18 months ago, I've had to do it on a daily basis, and I've gotten pretty good at it. My car is tiny though, so that helps a lot - but even Fab is surprised at some of the spaces I can fit into! And of course it's an automatic, which makes it all the easier - I don't envy you having to do it with a manual!!

  5. i am ok with it... but i notice a lot of girls just cant do it. in my opinion... just have to practise.

  6. Absolutely NOT! I suck real bad too at parallel parking. Thank God did not have to do that in the test. Plus, here in NC, hardly have any parallel parking. If so, I will drive further to get an easy parking spot and walk! LOL!!

  7. ok with it ;D!

    i found tat, wat we have learn when we start learning to drive, is all useful. is a matter how we use the driving skill =D. But is better use car boot to enter 1st, then will be more easy for us...

    enjoy it ! once u get, u feel happy =P

  8. argg, when I learn how to drive, there were pillars everywhere to tell when to turn the sterling to left or right. In real life there are no pillars and if you fail, you hit other cars. I salute anybody who can perform a parallel parking.