Saturday, April 04, 2009

The fish story (cont)

I didn't have chance to blog about this on the April fool's day.

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The French TVs like to play joke during the fish day and some people really believe in them. This year, the French 2 channel was informing its audiences during the 8pm news that wind turbine (éolien in French) that produces electricity from wind energy is slowing down the earth rotation, thus adding one hour per day to our current time system. It showed an interview with a watchmaker who was worried that he won't be able to sell his clocks and watches and would incur a big lost in his business.

At this point, hubby was all shouting and saying that there was no way this was real and it should be an April fool joke. We waited until the end of the news and there was no clarification from the channel that it was indeed a joke. Until this point we are not sure whether this announcement was from a solid research studies or it was simply a joke. So, do you believe in this report?

Between, our teddy bear got fished!

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