Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A romantic moment

Yesterday when I got home with an exhausted body, I saw this laying down on the floor with a note:"Mommy, we will take care of you." Hubby was not in.

I advanced, and bumped into the second note:"Follow the numbers lah!"

I made a detour to the kitchen and discovered the note number 1 "Boil the water, once it is boiling, put the pasta for 8 minutes." Ok the dinner is almost ready, I just need to follow the step.

Another note for cooking instruction:"Get the sauce and pour it over the pasta." Simple.

In front of the fridge a note saying :"Get the cider lah!" Yeah for sure I will have dinner with a cup of Brittany apple cider.

Easter bunny was holding a note:"Enjoy!". Beside the bunny was the cup and a plate.

"Hmm banana", the monkey says. What about it?

Oh, my favorite banana cake as dessert! Cool.

Just want to share a happy and romantic moment with you all. :-)


  1. So so so so so so SWEET!!

  2. Wow ! Your hubbys is such a sweet person ! Lucky YOU !

  3. waaahhhh ... so romantic! Lucky you. I can't complain about mine right now bcos he bought me a bouquet of roses while he was out doing grocery shopping the other day :)

  4. Soo romantic... and adorabble way show his love.. Lucky you!

    Hi there. im from Malaysia, just hoppin by.. nice blog! :)