Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mission accomplished

I started this challenge in August 2008. It took a bit more than 8 months to finish. Hubby helped at the beginning but soon his patience worn out. Well, he managed to put 4 pieces of the blue sky at the right place.

Last part to finish: the blue blue sky. It required a lot of patience as it was difficult to distinguish the subtle difference between layer of blue color.

It was not a smooth process. Sometimes I spent minutes and still couldn't put one piece on the right spot. It is about perseverance. I kept on going and finally managed to get a clue from the shape or the color. One led to another, piece by piece, all of them are at the right place.

Now, the questions are: where to store this and when are we going to visit the real place.


  1. Congratulations, Bee Ean!

    That is a tour de force of jigsaw puzzle work. I am seriously impressed because I LOVE jigsaw puzzles and Le Framéricain and I have done many together over the years. I sent a dozen or more to France in my container and can't wait to do them in our little house.

    My limit is usually 1000 pieces that are reasonably large--Springbok, etc. I love graphic colors and designs. We did a B&W one of Mt. Rushmore once. It was so much fun.

    Anyway, my hat is off to you! I would never have had the courage or the patience to complete the one you have just finished! Fantastic!

  2. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Hello Bee Ean,

    Congratulations to you on finishing the puzzles. It is a beautiful picture. Are you going to frame it? I am yet to try working on one. I think it is a relaxing pastime. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Bee Ean,

    Congrat's on your finish piece of work!

    Silent reader of your blog! :)

    Well, I'm amazed on the size of the puzzle!

  4. Thanks everyone, I haven't thought of what to do with this 6000 pieces of puzzle. It is going to be too big to display it in our small apartment, so we will figure it out later.