Saturday, October 31, 2009

One more week before my maternity leaves start

It is the tax season again. In Sept and Oct French people received a bunch of request to pay their taxes: income tax, property tax, community tax, professional tax, revenue tax... usually all these have to be settled before the end of Nov. Unfortunately, due to the economic downtown, most of the taxes have increased to cover the lost in government income and big surge in social expenses. When hubby received the community tax, he was like "what the hell?". Well, I was pretty calm about these, all these years in France, I have learnt to accept paying high taxes.

So what does this have to do with my maternity leaves?

Well, I have been getting immense pressure from people around me to stop the car trip. My doctor could just give me a certificate and I could stop anytime if I want. At the beginning I was quite firm about it: I feel great, I do not believe that car trip hurts the pregnancy, my baby is pretty calm in the car... so my maternity leaves will start 6 weeks before the due date, period.

Then, I got more and more pressure: my boss asked shouldn't I stop earlier due to the car trip? My coworkers said I should just take the chance to rest since when the baby is here there will be no time for myself. My mother said why so stupid if the government pays for it might as well take it. My grandmother said I shouldn't put the baby's life in danger.

So I was thinking, if I pay taxes like everyone else, I might as well enjoy the social benefits like everyone else. So I agreed to 6 + 2 weeks (pathology leaves), all will be paid by the French government. This decision seems to please everyone.

So, one more week to go.


  1. Good thinking Bee! Enjoy your leave, rest lots cos I can tell you for sure, you will need all the sleep you can get once baby arrives! My boy was feeding every 2 hours until I started him on formula, and even now that he's 2 already and goes to bed like clockwork at 8 pm every night, he still doesn't sleep through without waking me at least once. I haven't had a full uninterrupted 8 hours sleep in 25 months!!!!

  2. Yes, rest while you can. Another advise for you - at the maternity, leave the baby to the night nurses to take care and have your full rest at nite bcos u won't have it once u are home with your baby and you need to be in good shape for it. This is the best advise my friends gave me when I was about to deliver V. My girl is 3 yrs old and she still wakes me up most nites. The only time I have a good nite sleep is when she is away on vacation with PIL.