Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old bed new paint

Can you imagine this was the baby crib for hubby 30 years ago? His father made it and his mother painted it.

Now, let's revitalize the crib by putting on new paints.

It seems like hubby was enjoying the painting process.

Et voila! A new crib for our baby. Isn't it amazing? This crib had witnessed hubby's baby days and now it is going to serve his descendant.

He also bought the baby a dresser. I was not with him when he went to the shop, he sent me photos through his google phone and called me up at work. I checked my emails and looked at the photos. I think it looked elegant, so I said ok. He will match it with the crib, so another painting project waiting for him.


  1. What a lovely piece of tradition and memory to have with which to welcome your new baby into the world. I like the choice of colors that you chose for freshening up the crib!

  2. Yes I like the idea and the sentimental feeling of passing down the crib to the next generation. Hubby chose the colour.

  3. Aaaw, that's a very nice crib. I love the color combinations too... Great choice. Love the dresser too!

  4. That is really a very lovely baby crib and it's so well-kept! It looks like brand new after the paint :) .

  5. I'm so excited for you ... your baby is coming soon :) Can't wait to meet your baby. Ah ... brings back lots of memory. Oh yeah ... drink lots of water when u are in the hospital - that's what the bottled water in the room is for. It helps to produce lots of milk. Nobody told me that and I wondered during my 4 day stay at hospital why they keep giving me so many bottles of water for. The other thing is put yr baby to your breast to breast feed even if your baby is sleeping. They have to suckle and your milk will come.

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