Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aelig @ 10th months

Since Aelig holds things pretty good now, we tried to let her hold her own bottle, and it worked out wonderfully. Now, bottle feeding time = parents having peace for at least 5 minutes.

She likes to play with herself in the mirror, we wonder if she knows who she sees in there.

New diet introduced to her from 9th to 10th months: sweet potatoes and the evil pain au chocolat, she absolutely loved it.

Meeting new friends. She starts to development some feelings: fear and jealousy! I forgot what Fabien was doing but when she sees that the other kid was moving towards her daddy she rushed to him at the same times. She knows how to climb up to our bed but has not mastered the skill to go down. She paused at the edge of the bed and called us to help her down.

We went to the forest to pick up some chestnuts. She was quiet all the way, I think she loved her bear sweater and felt good in it.

The highlight of the month: she could stand up without support now. At the beginning it was only for 5 seconds, now it could last for several minutes.

Our baby sitter requested to have shoes on her as she is learning how to walk now. On the other hand I read an article that suggested to let the baby bare foot while walking as this could give them extra sensitivity while stepping on the floor. So, we only let her have shoes on what it is cold.

The little angle is so active that she could turn into little monster sometimes. She started to venture into more corner in the apartment, her favorite being the recycling box where she could tear papers and then put them into her mouth.

Tonight I discovered that she was quietly sitting next to the bookshelf and took off some books and played with them. By playing I meant, tearing off my University class book.

Her happy hours mean our painful hours and we were reminded that the worst is still yet to come. We shall see.

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  1. Oooh, she's an angel. I remember when my girls were toddlers, the daycare required them to wear shoes - no flip-flops. That's to protect their tiny little feet when they go outside to play. It also helps them to get use to wearing shoes.