Sunday, October 17, 2010

A moment of pause

A friend sent me a link to an online news site, which announced the lost of a friend we got to know during our day in Austin, Texas. She jumped out from the fourth floor of an hotel in Scotland during her business trip. It comes as a big shock to me as she looked always cheerful and happy when she was surrounded by people.

It is a moment of pause, to wonder, why a bright person like her would choose to end her life? She just got her MBA from London Business School, working with one of the world top management firms McKinsey = leading a promising career life. For personal development, she just got married and found her faith. She was also very close to her family members. She was an adventurer, had traveled to many countries in the world and have friends from different backgrounds and cultures.

All these, we could only see from the outside. We do not know what was her thought and what was she struggling from. There must be something bordering her that she couldn't overcome by herself. Human mine is hard to read.

Melanie, rest in peace, will keep your cheerful face in my memory.

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