Thursday, October 14, 2010

I park under a chestnut tree

Nobody told me that I should avoid to park under a tree, or be more specific a chestnut tree. I found it out the hard way, after paying 160 euros to repair my car.

It is the chestnut season, almost every minute there is spiny burr falls and release the fruits inside.

Free chestnut and hazelnut on the floor.

Well, it becomes a problem when the leaves and fruits fall on the car and stuck between the windshield and car hood. It prevents water from evacuating effectively. Such had happened to my car and it caused some water caught under the front passenger seat. At the beginning I didn't pay much attention and the car started to stink. And I told myself, luckily it is under under warranty. But no, the garage told me that this could happens anytime so it would not be covered by the warranty. So, 160 euros down into the drain. :-(

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