Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home visit by a doctor

Aelig is sick. She has running nose for quite some times and over the weekend, she threw out after each feeding and had fever over 39 Celsius degree. We waited a day and gave her some medicine, the fever was gone but came back several hours later. Unfortunately it happened during the weekend, our general physician only works on Saturday morning and Monday is holiday so we will have to wait until Tuesday.

But I didn't want to wait. As far as I know fever could be dangerous especially for baby. Her fever lasted more than 24 hours already so I think it was better to call a doctor. In France, during the weekend, we have to call the Emergency Unit in the hospital. Hubby hesitated but decided to call when her fever went over 39 Celsius. After describing all the symptoms, the hospital decided to send someone over within 2 hours.

The doctor arrived at around 10.15pm. He checked the chest and the back, looked at the ears and her throat. He announced that she has Laryngitis or some kind of throat problem which causes her to vomit after feeding. He prescribed us some medicines which we could get from a pharmacy (pharmacies here take turn to operate during Sunday and holidays). The visit lasted for around 10 minutes and only caused us 21.60 euros (which will be reimbursed later).

What a relief to hear that it was not a big problem. Even though I don't understand why in France they don't have 24 hours clinics like what we have in Malaysia, it is good enough to know that doctor could just come to your house when needed. Praise the French medical system and I wish one day, medical care becomes a right to everyone in the world in an accessible and affordable way.


  1. Hi, first time drop by.
    Hope little Aelig has a speedy recovery.

  2. I just want to say that as a mom, I am jealous of the health care system you just described for both Malaysia and France. I hope someday we'll have access to such benefits here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, ours leaves much to be desired.

    A speedy recovery, indeed, for your Aelig.

  3. Thanks Shenny's mommy, she is doing better now.

    In Malaysia it depends on the area. Where I live we have many clinics and hospital. But in certain rural areas I heard it was hard to get health care sometimes. France is way better in this field. Hopefully the Philippines will improve overtime on their medical system.