Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does full moon affect baby's sleep

On the way home yesterday, my carpooler looked at the full moon and said:" Do you know that full moon affects baby's sleep? Both my kids were giving us trouble at time when it was full moon."

I remember someone told me this once but I didn't believe it. I'm still skeptical about this theory. Baby could have a bad night when the moon is full, is sounded so weird to me. Then at 10.45pm, hubby said:" your daughter ah, still don't want to sleep!".

Well, I think this is just a coincidence?


  1. *** News flash ***

    She had a super bad night, woke up several times.

    *** News flash ***

    Do you think we have a werewolf cub?

  2. In that case the reason she's losing weight might be the lack of raw meat and fresh blood. Surely you gotta test this diet !
    Try to keep away silver jewelry as well.

    My kids have a long history of bad sleep, especially Cléclé who has a habit of 2 to 3 wakeups at night, most of them followed by a visit to mum's bed, and with no coherency whatsoever with moon phases.

  3. Its true, Lucas sleeps poorly during full moon as well!