Friday, January 28, 2011

Touched down in Malaysia!

After 23 hours of traveling, we arrived safely in Malaysia. When we left Nantes at 3pm (Malaysia time 10pm), it was raining with grey sky. When we finally arrived at my brother's house around 9pm (2pm French time the second day), it was humid and warm.

This time, surprisingly, we were happy with the services provided by KLM. Flight from Nantes to Amsterdam was fast and unevenful, Aelig slept through the whole trip and didn't seem to be bothered by the difference in air pressure.

Things turned painful from Amsterdam to Singapore. We were seated closed to the toilets and she was deeply disturbed by passengers passing by. KLM provided us a basket but each time we put her down she cried. Eventually, I was not able to sleep much as she demanded to be on my arms all the times and a tiny movement would wake her up. At the end of the flight, she was exhauted and finally fell asleep.

It was ugly when we touched down in Singapore. KLM Nantes was not able to issue us the boarding passes from Singapore to Malaysia because they are not partnered with Malaysia Airlines. Once we arrived, we were told to go to the gate, which had status as "boarding". Well, we had only one hour of layover in Singapore, so we rushed to the gate just to be told that we needed to first pass through a transfer counter for the boarding pass. We followed the instruction, but it was the wrong transfer counter. We ran again, this time to the right counter, but the gate was closing and there was no way we could catch the flight. After a long wait, we got issued tickets to the next flight, which was scheduled to take off 50 minutes after the initial one. Well, it was good that Changi Airport has PC with free internet at every corner so I sent an email to inform my family about the flight delay. This time, luckily, Aelig slept through the whole flight.

So, we are happy to had finally touched down in Malaysia and be reunited with my family.

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