Sunday, January 09, 2011

She had been spoiled with gifts

Happy 2011 everyone! I had been too lazy to post, I'm just slowly recovering from the holiday mood.

"Alors, elle a était gâtée?" (so she was spoiled?) was the question everyone asked after Christmas, knowing that Aelig would get both her birthday and Christmas presents. Yes, she was very very spoiled was my answer. In our family, we do not wait under Christmas morning to open the gifts, gift distribution was done over the Christmas eve dinner. I don't know how many round of gift distribution we had, I just know that when everyone finally got their last gift, Aelig still had tons to open, but she was more excited to play with the gift wraps on the floor then the gifts themselves.

Here are some of the gifts:

A little car that she hardly play at home. She hasn't figure out how to use her legs to push the car.

Several set of clothes, this one is my favourite.

Baby cellphone from us. She played with it a lot but it annoyed everyone as it rings when there is a movement. We left it in the car while driving home and it was a huge mistake as we were hearing the stupid ring ton all the way from L town to Nantes.

Two sets of moving train. This whole book is about a train and you need to unfold it in order to let the train moves on the rail. While, Aelig's favorite act is to throw away the train and fold the book. Another set came with 6 pieces of railway plus several little trains. She loves to destroy the railway and kick all the trains away.

The conclusion we have from this precious experience: it is just a waste of money to buy her toys, she doesn't know how to appreciate them yet. I have gathered three boxes of toys which she seldom lay eyes on. Her favorite spot is our recycling bin, where she happily throwing every bottle and paper on the floor.


  1. Aelig is turning into a beautiful little girl! And a happy new year to you and your family too!

  2. Aelig is adorable! I was born after the holidays and know about "gift overload". Memories of her trying to figure out the toys or playing them in her own way will be stories you will treasure later.


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