Monday, January 10, 2011

We speak the same language but still...

This morning when I arrived at the car park to join my group, I was surprised to see the carpooler who was supposed to be on vacation showed up. Since they were four already, I had to drive alone.

A little bit of explanation about the carpooling: Usually a group consists of 4 people and I'm the 5th person. One member of the group only join three days a week so I fill in the blank for the remaining two days. Since I have to go to R town 3 times a week, I need to drive alone once per week, or sometimes joining them when someone is on leave.

The confusion started with a simple sentence: je serai en congé du 3 au 10 janv (I will be on leave from 3 to 10 Jan). Both me and the other member who handles the planning interpreted that he would be back only on 11 Jan. Both of us were wrong, he meant he would come back on 10 Jan. I asked around, everyone said that it was confusing, he should have said "I will be on leave from 3 Jan to 10 Jan included or until 10 Jan evening. Now, I'm reassured, at least I didn't show up due to my bad French comprehension!

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  1. I think you're right, il aurait du dire "je serai en congé du 3 au 9 janv "...