Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gifts from the USA!

CAT CAT, a Malaysian living in the USA organized a blog contest to guess how much she weighted and I won. Well, no one successfully gave the exact number so she decided to award the first three contestants. I was the first one to guess so she chummily sent gifts all the way from the USA to France.

The gifts consisted of a recycling bag, a kitchen tower and a set of corn pick.

Love all of them especially the recycling bag, I already made a trip to the recycle bin with it.

Thanks a lot CAT CAT aka Rambutan! Here's a photo of rambutans we recently bought from a shop here.

1 comment:

  1. Bee Ean,
    You're most welcome. I love those recycled bag too. I know European are a big fan of recycling... and I'm more into it also - taking those recycled bag to do grocery on weekends.
    The corn picks really comes in handy if you and Fabian (of course the lil one too) enjoy grilled corn on the cob... :)