Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday morning bread hunt 4

I didn't plan to go bread hunt this morning. Aelig dragged me out from the bed since 7.30am and showing her kid songs on Youtube didn't quite consume her energy. She was very happy when I told her to bring her shoes. Shoes = going out that's something she learnt quickly.

However, there was no point putting her shoes on as she wanted me to hold her ALL the journey to the bakery and back to home. Everytime I say "walk yourself" she would shake her head. When I put her down she sat on the floor and screamed. Once I walked away and she reciprocated by walking off the other way and was trying to cross the road, scared the hell out of me. So she won. I need to tell her that if she doesn't want to walk she will end up in her stroller next time.

Got home, she walked straight towards our bedroom. Papa was up already but he quickly ran back to the room. This time I bought two pain au chocolat so she happily handed one to papa. Everyone is happy, she finished most of her bread and was trying to get some from papa but of course he refused.

A side note: Hubby told me that kids like to go to the bakery as usually they will get a special treat. Most of the time, Aelig got something when she went with hubby, but NEVER with me. Today, out of the blue, the seller gave Aelig a chouquette, and that was when she was touching the checkout machine, she probably wanted to keep her busy with something else. The seller knows me and hubby are husband and wife (once hubby went to buy bread and was told that his wife just got the last baguette), but she played favorite with hubby. Now she finally upgraded me to her favorite customer list, or was this just a one time treat?

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