Sunday, October 14, 2012

A trip to the local library

Once a month our Town Hall sends us newsletter telling us about the happenings and events during the month. I spotted one that suited us: "Story telling to kids between 2 - 4 years old". I noticed that there was a phone number for reservation, but I didn't call because it didn't say that reservation was compulsory.

It was a raining Saturday morning. We arrived a bit in advance. Apparently on Saturday they only open at 2pm, but this day they would open exceptionally for the story telling session. Once entered, the librarian asked my name to check out her list. I told her I didn't make reservation because I didn't know that it was mandatory. She insisted that it was stated on the announce. Ok now I know that if the announce has reservation number then I need to call for reservation. Anyway, she asked me to wait a bit to see if someone would cancel at the last minute. Later, she approached and got my name. She said that she couldn't kick me out since I was already there. Well, it was very nice of her as the room was full with kids and parents. I would had been very disappointed if we had to go.

This is the room setting for the session. The librarian announced that today's theme was going to be about "The night". Two more librarians joined in and they started reading a book titled "The moon". Aelig was very focused and turned her head to look at me from time to time with a sweet smile.
There were some singings and more book reading. We were very intrigued by a shadow puppets show. A torchlight was lighting up some animal characters to illustrate a story on a book. It was about a frog who couldn't fall asleep as he was hearing weird noises. The scene of the frog going from his bed to his parents bed made me think of Aelig who has been fighting to fall asleep in our bed. At one point there were telling a story about monster. It used a lot of adjectives that I didn't now. The middle pages in the book showed a big monster at the end of the story. Well, I don't know why people need to tell monster stories to kids. I did not grow up being afraid of monsters in my room because nobody had ever told me that monsters do exist. The whole session lasted for around half an hour and it was a big success. The kids had fun and Aelig was playing with the puppet show characters. I hope they organize more activities in the future.


  1. Hi Bee Ean,
    Yes..they do have more story telling session, just check with your over here in our library, the story telling for below 5 year old is on the first wednesday of each month.. the other day they even had a "heavy metal" concert in the Library.. sometimes, it goes just way too far..
    Have a grest week

  2. hi :) noticed u hv chosen to use announce instead of announcement in the past two postings. Wonder if this is an influence of french language :-) anyway i hv always enjoyed reading ur blog, thank you!

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for this information. Well since I work Wednesday is not a good day for me. On Saturday they only open in the afternoon and early afternoon is nap time for my daughter.

    Hi jellyfish,

    Yes you are right! Thanks for pointing it out? Haha I'm writing Frenglish this day without realizing. :-)