Friday, October 19, 2012


Every evening I use this short cut to go pick up Aelig. We are away from cars so she could run around.
This evening while walking towards the school I discovered that the area was flooded. It has been raining the whole week (it seems that it is the same in Malaysia). I had to decide quickly: continue the walk through the main road or go home to fetch my car. The traffic jam didn't seem so serious so I decided to drive.
I showed Aelig the short cut and she was all worried. I told her there was a lot of water covering the park so we had to drive home. She repeated by counting: one, two, three, four... till eight. Apparently eight means "a lot" in her dictionary. Oh I hope the water will clear as soon as possible. The main road is always congested especially when it rains. Everyone is so looking forward for some sunny days.

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