Wednesday, October 10, 2012

About principle

I just read in a blog about the price to stick to a principle, and that got me think about what happened the other day.


One day on the way back home I saw an announce about the incoming activity in the nearby hippodrome. What caught my eyes was that they were organizing some activities for kids : ponies show, ponies race, cotton candy stand, free snacks, make-up stand... So I thought it was a good idea for a Sunday outing.

Sunday came, I had told Aelig that we were going to see some ponies, she was all excited.

We arrived at the hippodrome and the parking was full. Everything went well until we arrived at the entrance. There was a long queue with families.

Turned out, we need to pay for an entrance fee for adult, which was not stated in their website nor in their announce.

From the gate, I saw a bunch of kids happily playing, and I think Aelig is going to be so happy seeing or touching ponies. I think it's worth 10€ just to make her happy.

I tried to convince hubby, but he told me about the principle. The principle of not falling into the trap set by the advertiser, in this case the Hipprodrome, whose goal was to attract more adults who might start betting and one day turns into a gambler.

Well, I don't think by seeing some ponies racing we are going to be attracted to gaming. I agreed that it was a set-up, we could treat it as a lesson but it shouldn't spoil our day. At that point more and more parents were paying to enter and we were standing at one corner so that we could at least let Aelig see some horses running.

Because of that principle, we went home empty handed. Aelig didn't know what happen, she was still cheerful going home. At one point, we passed by the hippodrome and I saw a group of kids playing / touching / getting known to a group of ponies. I just told myself, that Aelig could had been with them.

I admit, I do not have much principles to hold especially when it relates to my child's happiness.

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