Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas meals

The Christmas celebration started on 24 December, including the happy moment of present opening.

The French emphasis a lot on the presentation. So here's their table setting.

We started with a present from our grandmother. Good chocolat inside!

Champagne + yummy food + warm fire = nice Christmas night

My mother in-laws made this foie gras with apple, yummy.

Oyster is on the menu.

Langoustin on the menu.

We couldn't wait until the end of the meal to open our presents, which are already sitting besides our shoes (it's in the French tradition to put a shoe under the Christmas tree, and everybody will put the present beside the shoe), so each person goes pick up a present for everybody. For the first round, we got some cookies, second round we offered the present, third round we got more presents... these are some of my presents, including the Orang Utan...

More seafood, the scallop from my father in laws.

More presents flew in, from now on we will have our own chairs!

Dessert: The Christmas cake made by my mother in laws.

This year's meal was definitely lighter, so we didn't feel that full full. It's was great bcos we need to have some space for the second day Christmas lunch. haha

Christmas day lunch: Entree

Chicken and chestnut, a must for the lunch.

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