Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My first Christmas tree

I have never planned to have a Christmas tree at home, bcos it takes some space and it's not a big deal to me.

However, when my father in laws gave us this, we were really excited. My husband missed his Christmas decor, it was a nice moment decorating the tree. The second day, my father in-laws came with the bulk lights, and the tree becomes very beautiful.

In the French tradition, a Christmas tree comes with la créche, the scene when Jesus was born. It usually have some sheeps, the 3 kings, the virgin Mary and her husband Joseph, and some characters I don't know. The baby Jesus is supposed to be added in on Christmas day, but we put him there already. We are not that religious anyway. My father in-laws actually modified the whole scene last year by adding some boats as if Jesus was borned in an harbour of Brittany.

It's not bad to have some decor. I'm just too lazy to do the Christmas shopping, thinking of gifts that will please everybody. They should probably learn from the Chinese, just give the red envelope (with money inside), so that people will save the money in the bank (instead of receiving gifts that he/she doesn't like or won't use), or use the money to buy what they need.

I start to understand why I'm so practical, the Chinese tradition has sure been seeded and grown in me.

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