Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hunting for apartment

We have kind of decided to buy an apartment, instead of waiting for me to get a job and then buy a new house. My husband is quite sad to let go the idea of a house with a garden, but there is no other choice.

So, the hunting process started. With him working in Rennes, I have to do everything by myself. I search through the Ouest France website and sent emails to several agents, but only one replied me. Apparently the agents here don't work well with email. I have to visit them one by one, not something I'm looking forward to.

I'm not very motivated by this task, mainly bcos I don't like the apartment in France. I hate those corridor and tiny rooms and closed kitchen. I loved my big bedroom and closet in Austin. All my friends in Malaysia bought their apartment or house newly built, and I know I could afford one myself if I work there. It's just sad to realise that this country's salary is so low that to own a spacious apartment you will need two salaries.

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