Thursday, December 21, 2006

English Test

After 5 years in USA, I thought that my English level is not bad, or good compare to the French.

Today, I have an English test, and I would say I didn't do as good as I could. Already, I'm confused between when to use "have been" and "had been", and I was tested these grammers thingy in one of the section. I have less problem for the proposition, but at the section about the nationality, I couldn't remember how a person from Copenhagen is called? Man, you need to know all the cities in Europe to be able to answer these questions.

Then, translate an article in English to French. The article was about being vegetarian in UK. Phew, my French is so broken that I wish the English professor who will correct it will know immediately that I'm a foreigner.

The next section was to write an essay, and I chosed to write about France and the French. But, I didn't have enough time, so I only wrote like 8 lines while it requires 15 lines.

The last section is the most rediculous test I have ever seen. We were given a floor plan of a company, and staff D, E, F, G, H were indicated where they seat. The question is to place Mr A, B and C, among all the empty desks on the floor plan. There are a bunch of empty seats and I have no idea where these misters should be placed! There is no other indication for it. I saw two boxes with a human picture in it, so I put them there, but I guess those human pictures indicate toilettes now. Phew. I asked a French girl and she said she had no idea either and she just left it blank. No wonder they all finished the test before me.

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