Saturday, December 16, 2006

Go take a course and get paid!

France is a socialist country, so it exists many benefits for the French and it's permanent residents.

I hate people who abuse and rely on the benefit system, but it can really help people who are seriously in need.

For example, as an unemployed resident, you get a transportation card from the townhall, then you can go anyway in the city for free, by using the public transportation system. It's easy to go for job interview, or training classes. You won't hide yourself at home to try to save some money, instead you can still enjoy life like the others.

Recently, I found out courses that are designed for the unemployed. You need to pay some fees, but you will get paid every month, from the unemployment agencies. For example, I found this export import course, 10 months for 900 euros, but each month you will get paid around 600 euros. This course require the student to do an internship oversea for at least 5 weeks, and I'm not sure whether the student will get paid for the housing and expenses overseas. Anyway, the woman I talked to said that there exist a fund specifically for the foreigners, so there should be no problem for me to get paid.

Unfortunately, the class starts in January, and I need to be absented for 5 weeks in February to go to Malaysia. This trip is fixed, with 11 more French all excited to go with me, so I can't pull it out. Tant pis pour moi.

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