Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our French Wedding (1)

I finally managed to gather some photos for our wedding held more than two weeks ago. Thanks everyone who took time to upload the photos for us.

Unlike the tradition where bride and groom have to sleep in the different house the night before the wedding, we actually slept in the same house and depart from the same house the second morning. While Fabien was busying with the booklets and other organizations for the wedding, I went in the morning for my hair and makeup. When I got home, everybody was busy putting all the luggages (we will go directly to the party place), the champagne glasses, the decor... At this moment, my mother wanted me to get out from the main door, as going out from the side door means you are the second wife or concubine to the guy, in the Chinese tradition. I didn't follow her instruction and later regretted from it.

Our friends decorated their car for us.

Me wearing these shoes, welcoming and face kissing over 100 guests. I thought it would be annoying but I actually had fun doing it.

Waiting to enter the chapel. Unlike what I saw in the American movie, me and my father were in the middle while Fabien and his mother were the one entering the last.

There were some presentations during the ceremony. My family members were singing a Chinese song which broke the serious ambiance when they sang out of tone. :-)

My nephew, brought us the rings during the ring exchange ceremony. The rings were nicely tied to a handmade pillow, made by Fabien's god mother, a tradition in the region.

The singing ceremony. The priest was impressed that my parents signed in Chinese. He thought that Chinese was a language that is not practice anymore, like Latin.

A song sang by friends who used to be scout.

The ceremony lasted like about 35 minutes, we are finally husband and wife, according to both our traditions.

We had photo session with different groups: siblings, friends, cousin... then a group one. I like the background, this place is awesome to take photo.

Right after photo session, we had a cocktail party beside the chapel. The feast started from now!

I tried to talk to people but stay close to my family who couldn't communicate with the guests. The guests were simply fantastic, they didn't want my family to be left out from the party, so they kept talking to my family even though they didn't understand each other. The French are just too friendly! My mother said I'm lucky bcos everyone seems to be so nice to me.

We managed to gather everyone in a circle, and did the Malaysian toast: Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sheng!

The wedding ceremony started at around 2.30pm and the cocktail lasted around 6.30pm. Some of the guests left, whereas those who got invited to dinner, follow us to the rental house.

Stay tunned for the dinner part.


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    1 question....just curious.... your nephew din get enuf sleep? :P

  2. What beautiful and enchanting wedding photos! I extend to you and yours all best wishes for health, happiness and contentment. Amy

  3. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Your hair looks beautiful here...Congrats to both of you.

  4. Lovely photos, Bee. Looks like everything went on well. You look absolutely gorgeous in that gown... as it should be for any bride.

    Looking forward to more photos! :)

  5. Lovely Picture, bet it was a lovely wedding too! and some mighty HIGH high-heels! heheh :p

  6. Gorgeous photos! You look absolutely lovely in them! I love your dress and hair. And those shoes! I would have fallen over after 2 seconds in them!! More photos please!!

  7. Beautiful pictures Bee. Congratulations to the both of you.

  8. the garden ... the scenery... ahhhh.....

  9. Beautiful wedding pictures Bee Ean. I like your wedding dress so much... You're stunning in the pictures. As always, Fabien look so hensem. Macho... HEHEHE.

  10. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Beautiful wedding photos. The wedding is very different compared to what we have in Malaysia. This is like a garden wedding ? so lovely la..

    Congratulations to you =)

  11. Hi Alvin,

    I think my nephew was nervous, he was very happy for the rest of the day. :-)

    Thanks everyone else for the blessing.

    I think for garden wedding you have the whole ceremony in a garden, but for mine I had the ceremony in the chapel, only the cocktail party outside in the garden. In France people are crazy more about beach wedding.

  12. BE,
    Sorry for being late to say Congrats !

  13. Congrats to both of u
    lovely photos :)

  14. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Best wishes on your French wedding!! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! -Leesa