Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our French Wedding (2)

In my last post about the French wedding I mentioned that my mother wanted me to get out of the house from the main door, but instead I got out from the second door (for concubine in the Chinese culture) since I was wearing extremely high pair of shoes. The result, I forgot to bring my own luggages to the rental property (a farm house) for our wedding, which would have been seen if I got out through the main door. With no choice, hubby went back to the house and picked up what was forgotten, and by the time he arrived in the place where the wedding dinner was held, our guests had been waiting for more than an hour. Lesson: listen to your mother, sometimes they could be right.

Luckily the guests had lots of activities to keep them busy in the farm house, one of them being watching the drooling roasted pork, a famous dish from this farm house.

While waiting for the dinner to start, some of the guests setting up their tents. Basically our friends brought their own tent and camp outside while our family guests sleep in the rooms. Our friends and hubby set up the tents for some of my family member, but due to some miss understanding and the cold weather, we didn't make use of the tents. :-(

People started dancing while waiting for hubby to come back.

We started the evening program immediately once hubby arrived. We had a fabulous violin performance and poem by this little girl and her brother.

Fabien telling a joke.

The dinner setting was very simple and friendly with some decorations from Malaysia.

The menu: fois gras with anion; langoustin; apple ice cream with alcohol; roasted pork with vegetables; salad and cheese & strawberry cake. The small red bag is from Malaysia, with some Malaysian candies, junk foods and peanut biscuit.

The fois gras was so good but I couldn't find any photo of it. Here is the langoustin, one kind of shrimp from Brittany region.

We open the ball and people join in.

We had the Brittany/Celtic dance and everybody, young and old joined in. Our guests just love to dance!

Fabien's parents prepared him a drama show. The dad was imitating Fabien when he was teenager and when he was going to the scout camp. It was hilarious!

Finally it was time to taste the roasted pork. Everybody said it was good. For me, I was awaiting roasted pork plus roasted skin, but it just not the way it is here. All the skin were thrown away, and we only eat the meat. The taste just wasn't the same without the skin. My nephew asked why roasted the pork until "chao ta" (burned).

There were several games going on during the dinner. For this game, I selected 6 girls and Fabien selected 6 guys. For each round one of the contestants will be eliminated. They were assigned tasks like finding a lipstick, a kid, car key, and they need to rush back to find a seat, which would always be one person less. People who couldn't find a seat loses, and they would need to do something for us in the month they got. For example, someone had to host our first wedding anniversary September next year.

Our friends prepared another game for us. In this game, we had to reply their questions, like who does the housework, who stays longer in the bathroom, who spends more money...with answer all lead to "me or him/her". Our friends were considered enough to have one person translated the questions into English for my family members.

Our good friends from Nantes presented us a song in French, English, Chinese, Spanish and Breton (a regional language spoken in Brittany). Million thanks to the efforts they put into this.

Revenge time. My BIL was forced to eat Chinese jelly/pudding during our wedding in Malaysia. Now he wanted my sister to try the stinky French cheese. :-)

Champagne time: No celebration will go without champagne in my in-laws family. This huge bottle of champagne was specially ordered for this occasion. I think it costs a fortune.

Time to cut some cakes. These strawberry cake was just awesome. I was so full with other dishes but still manage to finish my share of it.

People went dancing from time to time and most of the guests went to sleep around 2am. Hubby and his friends stayed up dancing until 6am.

Overall, my family especially my mother was very impressed by the French wedding. It was an eyes opening ceremony, with guests participate in games and dances and everyone was happy. My mother actually drunk white, rose, red wine plus champagne in one night, which was something never happened in her life.

French wedding usually last for two days. Stay tunned for the episode of "retour de noce", the day after the wedding.


  1. Wow, BE, you really have elaborate wedding cerebrations !
    So,where are you going for honeymoon ? :).

  2. Jamy,

    Our honeymoon was done when we were in Malaysia and when we were on the trip to Italy and Switzerland with my family. :-)

  3. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Congratulations! What a great wedding! :)

  4. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Wahhhh.. the wedding culture there very different compared to malaysia.. Got singing and dancing... People there more open ya... And they like to wear chinese costume...

    You sure have the most memorable time ya..

  5. Wahhh, looked by a great big celebration! Everyone looked happy, dancing, eating roasted pig, foie gras etc! Rugi lah I was not invited! Heheh.

  6. Thanks cooking ninja and keeyit.

    Puteri, if I get married again, I will invite you ok? :-)