Saturday, September 29, 2007

When you are not fluent in the language

,then you tend to create jokes out of yourself.

Example A:
I have friends (A & V) were getting married and A's family flew in from South America (She is South American). I saw her father once. On the day of the wedding, an old man accompanied her outside the Town Hall for the wedding registration. I approached him but was not sure whether he was A's father.
Me: Vous êtes le beau père de V? (Are you V's father in laws?)
Him: Oui. (Yes)
Since he admitted that he is V's father in laws, that means he is A's father, who was supposed to be a South American who doesn't speak French.
Me: Wow vous parlez bien français! (Wow you speak good French!)
Him: Bien sûr, je suis Français! (of course, I'm French!)
Then I heard hubby laughing heavily. It's just so stupid to compliment a French speaking good French. Apparently that guy is le beau père of V , but beau père has two meaning in French, it could be FIL or step father. So he is the step father of V, not FIL. How confusing!

Example 2:
During the class, I was chatting with my guys classmates.
Guy 1: How long had you married?
me: About a year ago we had our civil wedding, but just recently we had our church wedding.
Guy2: Do you have children?
me: Non, mais on est en train de faire. (no but we are making it)
Then I saw them all trying to hold their laugh, something must be wrong. I didn't dare to ask so wait until home I asked hubby.
Hubby: Of course they laugh lah, you were telling them you were in the process of fucking!
Gosh I swear this was not my intention, I wanted to say we are trying, not fucking.


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Bee Ean, that first comment looks like spam to me.

    This is just too funny, Bee Ean!! Hahaha, but you have to do the f*** bit to get the children, right? Haha.

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    hhaaha, french language is one of the most complicated in the world. they have different salutations...different usages...etc etc.

    well, even english in UK and english in US..they have different meanings for certain words. there was once, my American friend said A...and all the UK (we were in UK) folks stared at him and laughed. It wasn't a rude word in US...but it's a very very rude 1 in UK.

  3. wow i could not stop laughing at that second one!