Friday, September 21, 2007

Speak the French English

For the first semester, my classes are in English. So, I have professors speaking the French-English the whole day. Basically for the French, "h" doesn't exist and "s"= "z" if "s" is not the first letter in a word. So, imagine everyday I'm hearing:

Thiz iz a bazic buziness concept.
(H)ere is an example of (h)ow you can implement IT solutionz.
Thiz can (h)elp you understand w(h)o uzez thiz model.

I got so confused whether I was pronouncing English correctly, and realized I did a lot of mistakes. So I actually learn from the French about the correct way in pronouncing certain English words. But, now my problem is, do we pronounce all the plural "s" as "z" like what the French do?

Customerz, imagez, clientz, technologiez....

I need help!


  1. geez beez...I don't know how to comment's too funny :P

  2. needs practising, hahaha.. since it's hard for us to switch over from the english language that we are so used to :)

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Haha.. practise makes perfect ya..

    What actually are you studying now ?

  4. Hi keeyit,

    I'm in my Master 2 project management courses specialized in IT industry.

  5. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Wah, senior le... I studied computer sciences last time..

  6. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Wah, senior le... I studied computer sciences last time..

  7. yeah you are my senior hehe.

  8. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Bee Ean, just gasak it lah .. we Malaysians have our own way of speaking, the French have their own way, so neither of you can say who is right and who is wrong, right? Haha.

    But in English most of the plural nouns that end with an 's' usually have the 'z' sound. But the sound made with 'z' sound is not as great as the way the French pronounce it. Also many English words that have 's' in them also have the 'z' sound, like 'houses', both 's's have the 'z' sounds.

    Many Malaysians have trouble with vowels too .. long vowel sounds, and short vowel sounds .. like the 'o' and 'a'.

    Use your dictionary to help you with the correct pronunciation. My father-in-law has trouble understanding me sometimes because I don't pronounce my words properly ..for eg, the vowel sounds are wrongly pronounced or the stress in multi syllable words are put on the wrong syllable. But my mother-in-law does not have that problem because she listens to the words as used in context.

    At you can even listen to the correct pronunciation ..very useful tool.