Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy holiday session

These days the office is half empty as people are leaving for holidays. From 14 July onwards to 15 Aug, the peak summer session in France starts. My co-worker told me that usually they have to take at least 10 days off during summer. Thus, less traffic jams, more parking spots, but also less collaborators available at work.

I read on newspaper that around 40% of French could not afford to go for holidays this year, one main reasons being the infamous inflation. They have to stay at home or just visit around their family. Some choose to stay in camp sites instead of hotels to save some cost. Still, there are 60$ of French traveling around.

People like me who are doing internship or only started to work in a company do not have this kind of compulsory vacations. So, it is very hard to see people going and us staying. :-(


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    awwww... don't feel sad. Your turn will come soon. I think the local Summer Holidays also coincide with School holidays. Parents took this opportunity to spend time with their kids. Unlikely in Malaysia... :-)

  2. Yes you are right. It is very nice that parents get to spend time with their children during the summer holidays. However, this doesn't happen to all parents. One of my friends has to take time off when his wife is working, as their children are on school holiday and one parent has to stay home to take care of them. Eventually, every summer they need to arrange for grandparents, neighbors or hire babysitter to be with the kids.