Thursday, July 03, 2008

Highway Scenery

Since I'm carpooling, I don't have to drive everyday. In the morning I'm usually sleepy but in the evening, I got the chance to sightseeing around the country side.

This region has a lot of farming activities, so the landscape of both side of the highway are very green. I sometimes stick to the car window and quietly watching the cows resting in the field or a big scale of green plantation. When approaching the city I work, there is a breathtaking view: houses spread among hills and the surrounding is just natural green. Very refreshing.

Last two weeks there were some road works on the highway so we had to make some detours. We drove past small villages with very cute Brittany style houses and most of the small towns are very flowery. I was just seeing extended postcard scenery, on live.

These photos here are just meant to give you some ideas on the highway scenery I pass by everyday but the effect is far from justified the actual beauty. Didn't have a chance to capture those lucky cows sunbathing and enjoying the summer atmosphere. :-)

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