Saturday, July 12, 2008

Primary school reunion: After 20 years

This afternoon we went to hubby's primary school, where he met his teachers and classmates, first time for some of them after 20 years.

I was very impressed. The teachers were aging and students had grown, but they greeted each other with blissfulness and warmness. Most teachers said they still recognize the faces of their students despite the fact that they have not seen each other for the longest time. They air kissed, shaked hands, dug out old memories, enjoyed lunch and caught up with each other.

Amazingly, some people didn't change at all. Even though I was not there when they were in the primary school, I could still recognize them from the photo. Some look older some look extremely young. Most importantly, there were at least 5 or 6 babies, strongly imply that these people are not young anymore.

I wonder how I would react if I was going to bump into some primary schoolmates. These days I found some high school and Uni mates on Facebook, and many have either wedding or baby as their profile photo. With the power of Facebook, I'm sure some old school mates will pop up.

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  1. bee ean,

    How's life ? =D

    agree with u, but i think is the power of d nets. Without this; may be we stil use the older way, ie mailing....hahaaaa =).

    i do found lots of frens from fac3book n fr3nster! Same as us, we haven't met for long time since, however we found each other thru some frens!

    take k n keep in touch