Sunday, July 06, 2008

Goodbye great aunt

On the right hand side: My great aunt

I called my mother Saturday to talk about the surprise birthday party my siblings threw her, Sunday I had to call her again as my sister informed me that our great aunt passed away, aged 85. How atmosphere could be changed so dramatically in such a short time.

My great aunt is actually my mother's cousin but she was very very closed to us. She bears 10 children and worked her whole life in a coffee plantation. Our childhood memory is fulled of happy moment with her, as she was a loving lady that treat everyone with warmest and kindness. We love to treasure in her fruits farm looking for rambutan, mango, pamelo, durian, star fruit and guava. Our family didn't have to buy any pamelo as she would kindly offer us some during any big Chinese festival.

In her old days, she traveled a lot to China and was bravely inviting my mother to visit me when I was living in USA. Unfortunately, before she had the chance, her health condition deteriorated, mostly she couldn't walk too far due to the legs pain. She left in peace yesterday without much struggle, which is considered "having lived a great life" in the Chinese believe. Her family grows to almost 100 members so I can foresee the conviviality in her funeral.

One of the hardness of living in overseas is that each time I go home, I could no longer see some people who used to be in my life. A childhood friend died a few months ago. A closed family member is laying on hospital, discovered on bed one morning and could never open his eyes. He got stroke and doctor diagnosed that he is just waiting for the end. Seeing people left and down one by one, I couldn't resist to think what if one day it was my parents turn? Would I be able to even say goodbye?


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Bee Ean,


    Understand ur feeling and agreed what u said "the hardness of living in overseas". If u stay around asia, stil manage to return home.

    In the past years, I do have tat feel b4,lucky my granny is recover now and she is fine. @ that time, i're in S'pore.

    Take k =D

  2. hi there, my condolence to you..

    your post makes me thing about the same question too....