Sunday, September 07, 2008

Houses in Brittany

We were invited to a small village along the coast in Finistere, north Brittany facing the English Channel (the Sleeve or La Manche in French). They have many cute traditional Brittany houses, built with stone and grey color roof. At the beginning, I didn't like the idea that houses here could only have a standard grey color roof, but now I see how it harmonizes and gives a kind of charm and uniqueness to the scenery.

A typical Brittany house with the colorful Hortensia.

The roof of this house is built of "chaumière"

Seeing this house gives me impression that I'm in the Disneyland or inside a fairytale.

A house facing the Ocean, a bit lonely, no? Look at the rock, how does it manage to stay like this without falling?

Houses below were built in modern style. The roof is usually made of "l'ardoise", a kind of metamorphic stone that are abundant in this region.

I wish I could have a house like this one day. :-)

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