Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hubby's first demonstration

Despite being French, hubby has never participated in any strike or demonstration.

Last Saturday, he went for his first demonstration by joining the other 10,000 people who showed up, to ask for what he really believes in: Reunite Loire Atlantic with Brittany.

A brief history: Loire Atlantic was separated from the Brittany region during the second worldwar. It joined other cities to form "Pays de la Loire" region.

Another theme of the day was to defend the right of amateurs in organizing cultural events without having to pay taxes like the professional one. Which makes a lot of sense, as a lot of Fest-noz (Brittany dance festival) are organized by volunteers and this ensures the continuation of the Celtic culture.

The crowd also asked for the teaching of Breton (Brittany language) in the public school to keep this language alive. I was a bit surprised that France does not encourage the usage of regional language. The government has banned the local from speaking Breton and only recently they allow certain schools to include Breton in their curriculum.

Look at the crowd! Of course the cooperating weather inspired a lot of people to go outdoor too.

No Brittany demonstration is going to go by without the Celtic music. After the demonstration, the crowd went on for a fest-noz until 10:30pm.

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