Monday, September 08, 2008

One year wedding anniversary

Today is our first year wedding anniversary (according to our French wedding). We were invited over to a party organized for us by an old couple, where they shared with us how they celebrated their anniversaries and how they manage to keep their wedding work for close to 40 years. Basically, they will choose a gift for each other according to the suggested list below:

1 an Coton (cotton)
2 ans Cuir (leather)
3 ans Froment (common wheat)
4 ans Cire (wax)
5 ans Bois (wood)
6 ans Chypre (perfume?)
7 ans Laine (Wool)
8 ans Coquelicot (corn poppy)
9 ans Faïence (faience)
10 ans Étain (tin)
11 ans Corail/Zinc (coral/zinc)
12 ans Soie (silk)
13 ans Muguet (lily of the valley)
14 ans Plomb (lead)
15 ans Cristal (crystal)
16 ans Saphir (sapphire)
17 ans Rose (rose)
18 ans Turquoise (turquoise)
19 ans Cretonne (cretonne)
20 ans Porcelaine (Porcelain)
21 ans Opale (opal)
22 ans Bronze (bronze)
23 ans Béryl (beryl)
24 ans Satin (sateen)
25 ans Argent (silver)
26 ans Jade (jade)
27 ans Acajou (mahogany)
28 ans Nickel (nickel)
29 ans Velours (velvet)
30 ans Perle (pearl)
31 ans Basane (sheep skin)
32 ans Cuivre (copper)
33 ans Porphyre (porphyry)
34 ans Ambre (amber)
35 ans Rubis (ruby)
36 ans Mousseline (muslin)
37 ans Papier (paper)
38 ans Mercure (mercury)
39 ans Crêpe (crepe)
40 ans Émeraude (emerald)
41 ans Fer (iron)
42 ans Nacre (nacre)
43 ans Flanelle (flannel)
44 ans Topaze (topaz)
45 ans Vermeil (vermeil)
46 ans Lavande (lavender)
47 ans Cachemire (cashmere wool)
48 ans Améthyste (amethyst)
49 ans Cèdre (cedar)
50 ans Or (gold)
51 ans Camélia (camellia)
52 ans Tourmaline (tourmaline)
53 ans Merisier (wild cherry)
54 ans Zibeline (sable)
55 ans Orchidée (orchidaceae)
56 ans Lapis-lazuli (lapis lazuli)
57 ans Azalée (rhododendron)
58 ans Érable (maple)
59 ans Vison (mink)
60 ans Diamant (diamond)
61 ans Platane (platanus)
62 ans Ivoire (ivory)
63 ans Lilas commun (common lilac)
64 ans Astrakan (karakul)
65 ans Palissandre (rosewood)
66 ans Jasmin (jasmine)
67 ans Chinchilla (chinchilla)
68 ans Granite (granite)
69 ans Mélèze (larch)
70 ans Platine (platinum)
75 ans Albâtre (alabaster)
80 ans Chêne (oak)
85 ans Uranium (uranium)
90 ans Granite (granite)
100 ans Eau (water)

Most of the items in this list are metals or flowers. Some of them are hard to find, so they had to be creative. Note that this is a French list and could be very different from other countries. We were very touched by their love story and how they had never missed or forgot one anniversary. Thinking about this, I think they are really romantic. I don't know any married friend celebrate their wedding anniversary so religiously like this French couple.

Well this really gave us idea on how to celebrate our anniversary.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Happy anniversary!!!Wishing you both a blissful marriage life.

  2. Thanks Natasha. It seems like your anniversary is approaching too non?

  3. Happy anniversary!
    May both of you be blessed with happy marriage life too!
    The list sounds really creative :)