Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Public transport in Nantes paralyzed for a day

Something weird happened this morning when I was driving to the parking lot where I meet my carpoolers.

Already, at 7++ in the morning, I had to slow down due to heavy traffics. Surprisingly, when I arrived at the parking lot, there was no one spot available. I confirmed with the others and they have never seen this as well.

Then, we heard on the radio that public transport in Nantes will be paralyzed for a day. Apparently, the majority of the bus drivers decided to go on strike, this time not for salary or working condition, but for their beloved colleague who was killed by her own bus.

This driver of 41 years old, a mother of 3 children, was killed last Friday morning by when trying to unblock the bus door. She didn't put on the handbrake, the bus rowed on and crashed her. What a tragedy!

I pity those who had to walk minutes or hours to get to work. This is one of the cons of public transport. Even though the system is efficient and reliable, your day could be just screwed up if some of the drivers decided to go on strike.

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