Thursday, November 13, 2008

The end of the probation period

My probation period ended this week. That means I have become a permanent employee of my company. Cool!!!

I almost have a heart attack when my manager sent me an email for an assessment interview. I had to fill in a form and rate myself on how well I handle my job and how integrated I'm with the rest of the team. I was secretly hoping that he will just forget about the whole trial period thingy. So when I received this email a week before the end of the probation, I told myself that crap he is going to renew it for another 1.5 months!

The true is, until today we still didn't have this interview as he was too busy. At one point he was telling me that don't worry he is happy with my performance and the whole interview thing was just to go over things and fill in some paperwork. I jokingly told him that well you should have told me earlier! He laughed and asked me to relax. :-)

For you information, the end of probation period means job security in France. I know in USA you could just get fired in one day but in France to lay off someone take longer time and it comes with huge cost. So retrenchment is a rare practice unless the company is not doing well.

Life is finally cool here.


  1. Congratulations on this!!! I'm really happy for you. Bises

  2. Wow, a Malaysian in Nantes; the door to Atlantic!!

    Working life in France is good, and the amount of holidays you get is incredible!

  3. What a wonderful accomplishment to have under your belt! I'm really happy for you to have that new sense of security in your life in France. Now, savor your grande réussite!

  4. Yay!! Félicitations! The end of the période d'essaie is one of those stepping stones! I remember when the day after mine ended hubby and I went straight to the bank and took out a loan to buy our apt!!!


  5. "Life is finally cool here."

    Gosh, that statement makes me so happy :)