Thursday, November 06, 2008

The ticket to go to restaurant

Ever since I got my ticket restaurant, I have been to restaurant almost everyday, usually during lunch time.

These tickets are provided by my employer. The face value is 7,65 euros, and my employer chips in 4,60 euros for each of them. The face value could defer from company to company and from region to region. You get one for every working day. That means if you are off for vacations during a month, you won't get any for that month.

Most of the restaurants accept this as one of the payment methods, but they usually won't pay you the change. It is aimed to pay for the lunch but some restaurants do accept it for dinner. Most of the time a meal costs more than 7,65 euros (unless you grab a sandwich), so you still need to pay a little.

Finally, eating out can become a less expensive option. I'm glad.

PS: The red 10 euros face value tickets are gift tickets provided by the company for Christmas shopping.


  1. Ooh yeah! I remember "les tickets restau", Hubby and I used to accumulate them (I have a canteen at work) and we'd go out for diner and pay for a 40 eur meal w/tickets restaurants!!! tee-heee.... ;)


  2. Yes I love them, now eating out could be so affordable.