Sunday, November 30, 2008

The happiness ratio

Hubby was talking about his high happiness ratio when he was shopping for wine. This weekend, I was doing my own shopping and I can say that my happiness ratio = 80.

My birthday is just around the corner so I got a generous budget from my in laws to shop for myself a handbag. Hubby also wants to sponsor something so I set in mind to go home with a pair of new boots and jeans.

The depressing weather didn't stop me and a good friend from hunting the gifts on my list. The first item bought was the jeans. I like it at the first try and almost bought two identical pairs at different size. That is why you always need to shop with someone to stop you from doing stupid shopping mistake. :-)

I almost giving up looking for the boots. I wanted it be neither brown nor black but it is the fashion now in France. Most of the shops we went sell only these two colors and I stubbornly wanted just colors OTHER than black and brown. After two hours of popping in and out different shops, while entering a new target, I went straight to the seller and requested "do you have something rather than these two colors?". Obviously the shop only offers two colors but she was intelligent enough to check in her store room and came back with 4 pairs of boots with the light brown colors. I bought this pair in just 10 minutes. Once I like something I don't want to look somewhere else. It cost 69 euros, below the budget I thought hubby should sponsor. :-)

I was a big worried that I won't be able to find any bag and going home empty handed. It would be horrible as we were having the birthday party on that evening and my in laws wanted me to have the bag wrapped so that they would have the surprise at what I chose. Again, the fashion for this Christmas is opposite from what I had in mind. Most of the bags are huge like a travel bag. Eventually we spotted a shop that offers small bags. I was hesitating among many and changed my mind several times. Finally I picked this one, and it was...140 euros!!! The most expensive hand bag in my life. Way over the budget but I know hubby would sponsor the reminding amount. :-) Later I told myself "Gosh, I just spent RM700 on a handbag!!! With this money I could have bought an extremely luxury brand in Malaysia.

During the dinner everyone was happy at what I picked "as the gift they would offer me". I didn't dare to tell about the over budget deal and luckily nobody asked. At one point I told hubby and he didn't complain. How dare he complains when he has bought all these: close to 200 bottle of wines, occupying one third of his father's wine cellar!


  1. Happy Birthday, Bee Ean!

    My birthday is also in the offing, so you must be a Sag, too.

    I love your jeans, boots, and handbag. They will look great when you get your outfit all assembled. You'll have to post a photo of the ensemble!

    That wine cellar looks pretty serious, my dear! Happy imbibing!

  2. Shen Ri Kuai Le Bee Ean.

    J'aime beaucoup ton sac, definitely the kind of bag that i would buy for myself too. Hope your birthday party was a blast. 200 wine bottles?! Insane figures.

    Hope you're well and that you're having a great time in France despite the weather! I'm celebrating my first Winter Christmas this year!! We're arriving on the 20th! Can't wait! Just am looking for a pair of boots to keep me warm though! Am also going back to Klang for Hari Raya Qurban Hols (2 jours!!!) so i'll eat some nice bak kut teh on your behalf. bisous bisous

  3. Happy Birthday Bee!

    I love your boots and bag. :)

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Happy Birthday, Bee Ean! Those are great purchases (I especially like the bag:)

  5. Happy birthday Bee Ean! You have good taste on those stuff you bought!

  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I'm still happy with what I purchased so who says money can't buy happiness? :-)

  7. hmmm... dont think 700 bucks can get you a luxury bag here... no more...

  8. Ooh am loving the bag and am TOTALLY LOVING the Wine cellar!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!

    Happy belated b-day!